20 WAYS is based in London

20 WAYS is based in London and it was born in 2014.

Its aim is to spread the Italian “Gusto” globally. We source high quality ingredients from the 20 regions of Italy.

When it comes to Italian dishes, there is no Italian cuisine, but it is all about regional cuisine. Each region has its very own recipes, local products and its way of creating dishes. 20 regions, 20 ways.

Today our business has entered a new phase. We develop new products for Muslim consumers, in partnership with Italian producers.

20 WAYS is very much focused in sourcing premium Halal ingredients, as well as creating new ones for Muslim consumers globally.

Our committment is to offer great Italian food. New, healthy and safe.

So if you are aiming to provide a superior dining experience, go to our products section for Halal, organic, free range and gluten free products to buy today or get in touch if you are a business.