Commercialisation of quality Italian products in the UK, particularly in London has meant as Italian food suppliers we are now more frequently dealing with diverse, multi-cultural consumers, where we see English consumers mixing with Muslims, Indians and Europeans, creating a melting pot of opportunities.

As such, it has been even more paramount that the correct marketing strategy is in place to ensure we deal with these new challenges and place our Italian products in front of these consumers in an honest and authentic, Italian way.

20 Ways Ltd along with the Italian Trade Agency were invited to speak as official panelists at Fiera Di Cremona, hosted by BonTa, a premium supplier of typical high-end Italian products in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of Bergamo, Mantua and Cremona.

The UK market accounts for 6.43% of Italian food imports. Laura Bianchini has been operating in this market as the young, ambitious director our company 20 Ways Ltd for a number of years now and has been piloting several products from key Italian manufacturers in the UK market.

“Italian exports of food and drink to the UK last year exceeded £2.3bn, representing a 6.43% market share” said Antonietta Kelly, head of the ICE office in the agri-food department of London.

Wine accounted for more the three million quintals of exports, with product sales of more than £541m, although the French market still dominates.

Italians also lead the way in supplying the UK market with tomato paste and canned foods and as such, have the highest market share & offer the best value for money comparatively to other nations.