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Are all your products Halal?

All our products are authentic Italian. We source them from best producers across the 20 Italian regions. 20 WAYS meats, either fresh or cured, are certified by Halal Italia.

Are your meat products obtained from stunned animals?

Halal Italia is very clear on this: no pre-stunning allowed. The wellbeing of the animals is priority for our suppliers.

Do you sell free-from products?

All our meats are gluten free. We sometimes have some sugar free product, keep following us on Facebook and Instagram for new arrivals.
We also have a range of jams and pickles from Southern Italy, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and certified by Halal International.

Why are your products so different from the ones currently marketed?

Quality is the key-factor. Italy prides itself on its heritage of good honest food and Italian food enthusiasts expect the best. 20 WAYS aims at serving high quality food to its customers across the country and abroad.

Can I buy as a business/wholesaler?

Sure, we can provide tailor-made quotations according to your need.

Do you have shops?

We do not have a shop but we do quite a few bazaars and fairs, most of which are open to the public. So keep up to date checking our social media pages, to see what’s on and where we are.