The Authentic Flavours of Italy

When we launched 20 Ways our mantra was simply to bring the love and joy of Italian food to the passionate consumers of the UK. We offer a wider variety of products, from the unmistakable taste of cured salty beef bacon, to the full flavoured meaty taste of beef sausages!

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Halal Dried Beef Bacon


Our versatile Halal dried beef bacon is your perfect choice for a luxury morning breakfast or a tasty halal beef burger. Ready to be eaten. Just open and serve.

Halal Beef Bresaola


Our air–dried cured beef, also known as Bresaola, is a real Italian delicacy. A healthy cured cut, it’s ready to be served and is a perfect low-fat alternative. Tastes just as great!

Halal Spicy Beef Sausage

Our real beef sausages are made from quality ground meat and simply taste delicious. So don’t be at the mercy of your local supermarket and compromise on poor ingredients and try it for yourself. You will not be disappointed! 


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