We source the finest Halal Italian Ingredients

We know that our customers find it difficult to source premium quality Halal Italian ingredients. But why is this so important? Well, simply put, Italy prides itself on its heritage of good honest food and Italian food enthusiasts expect the very best.


20 WAYS was born to spread the Italian "Gusto" and we have left no stones unturned to bring you the finest ingredients from the 20 regions of Italy. We provide a wide range of simple, high quality imported goods from delicious Halal beef pastrami and beef bacon to creamy green pistachio spread.

We strive to help cooks raise their standard of Italian cooking and have been very fortunate enough to have received strong accolades from those whom use our products. But don’t simply take our word for it, here are just a few of the testimonials we have received.


So if you are aiming to provide a superior dining experience, go to our products section for Halal, organic, free range and gluten free products to buy today or get in touch if you are a business.